The next normal is upon us. The changes over the last few years are requiring that organizations be flexible with their approach to engaging the workforce.

Increase Security
Improves physical security of facilities against intrusion and disruption caused by unauthorized visitors and ex-employees gaining access across all site types.

Reduce Costs
Increases the efficiency of front desk employees monitoring entrances and traditional visitor management solutions with interactive and automated alerts and host notification. At the same time reducing the burden on the front desk staff and reducing cost of operations.

Proactive Wellness & Safety
Identifying potential bio-risks at entrances by screening with best in class systems for illness-related symptoms helping control the spread of infection and simultaneously providing tracing information to adhere to workplace and public safety standards.

Employee engagement
Providing a employee recognized, safe and secure environment is key to having your workforce engaged with their coworkers and customers. Engaged employees are 25% more productive which enhances employee satisfaction.

Features that Scale

Based on your business needs
Capacity Planning

The ability to understand and manage capacity is now part of corporate governance and local regulations. Sentry Interactive provides a real time view of the capacity of your facility and who everyone has interacted with.

API Integration

Integration into backend systems is part of the digital transformation movement. We provide APIs to the common HR and ERP systems so you can easily collect people data real-time and provide analytics regarding trends that help make business decisions while limiting liabilities.

Customer Choice

Sentry Interactive has created two distinct bundles to give our clients choice. The base package provides visitor management, digital receptionist, wellness screening, analytics, integration and vaccine passport capture. The enterprise bundle adds access management capabilities and video surveillance.

We Enable Collaboration

Sentry Interactive is a cutting edge platform that allows your organization to effectively manage human capital aspects of your operations.  From employees, visitors or anyone entering your facility. Sentry is your integrated approach to visitor management, wellness screening, and security . 

We Bring People Together, Safely, Securely and for the greater good.

Evolving With The Modern Workplace

The shifting workplace has demanded that organizations be flexible with their approach to engaging the workforce.  Offering verifiable solutions that are sustainable that also add to the bottom line are essential and drive the need for a Hybrid Workplace.  The Hybrid Workplace offers the balance of having the right resources engaged at the right place and the right time.  Working environments need proper collaboration, energy and community to propel the organization forward and drive results.

Reporting & Analytics

Enabling the business to draw conclusions from objective information is the foundation of all data driven organizations. Having information about the environment your employees are working in allows for you to plan for the future.  

The leaders in the modern workplace are looking for the best pathway into the “next normal”.  Being able to acquire real-time data at the source and blend that with existing decision support systems helps keep the leadership team informed of immediate concerns as well as track current trends allowing for the rapid adjustment to any situation.

Modernize & Increase Efficiency

With Sentry we project the best possible first impression on employees, guests, and customers with an easy and modern check in experience.  The Sentry Interactive Lobby Increases efficiency by converging workflows and providing administration tools that keep everything in one spot for easy management, while helping organizations keep track of visiting professionals and staff movement in the building.

Custom Solutions for Today's Workplace

Starting at $500/month, there are affordable solutions for every workplace
Wellness Screening

Temperature Screening
Mask Compliance
Health Survey
Vaccine Passport Capture
Reporting & Integration

Included with all kiosks

Visitor Management

All Wellness Screening Functionality Plus

Digital receptionist
Visitor Management
Host notification
Workplace Capacity Management

$500 / Month

Enterprise Access

All Heath and Virtual Receptionist Functionality Plus

Access Control
Video Surveillance
Facial Recognition
E-911 Capability
Watchlist Integration
Door, Elevator, Turnstile Integration

$650/ Month