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The Difference

Built for 2022 & Beyond

During the past 24 months organizations have been in complete mayhem, we want to change that. Our singular focus is to bring a normal state back to the world and your business. Sentry Interactive has built a solution that addresses the ever-changing landscape of today's business and personal world. The design was based on countless conversations with existing and potential clients to find out what was most important to their business.


Sentry is a high-tech innovator focused on developing leading edge interactive technologies that improve the lives of people by bringing them back together.

Safely & Securely.

Bringing People Together

Imagine the confidence of being able to work together again. To commune, energize and create, we haven’t forgotten. We offer comprehensive integrated solutions for any industry where people and safety are a priority.

More importantly in addition to a variety of verticals we serve we understand the evolving needs of our buyers and the unique roles that each of them play in their organizations.

Customer Driven Innovation

Sentry has taken a customer first approach to the marketplace. We have listened to the feedback of dozens of customers across a variety of industries to ensure that we have the right solutions at the right time and the right price. Our model allows organizations to start simple and grow based on current trends and needs and to turn the “frequency” up and down depending on the needs of the organization.