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Who We Help

Human Resources

No one understands the value of people as an investment better than HR. At Sentry we understand how to Help HR professionals continue to invest in their employees. We can help you address:


  • Attrition/Retention/Attraction
  • Employee/Work-Life Experiences  
  • Wellness/Mental Health
  • Remote work model
  • Cloud based HR Systems
  • People Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence

Risk & Compliance

There’s no more difficult job in the organization then to maintain legal and regulatory compliance by researching, analyzing, and communicating regulatory requirements and obtaining the appropriate approvals. Simply put it's a lot of responsibility and pressure. Understanding those pressures, the ability to provide automated and efficient solutions to address the new workplace challenges are key.

Being able to address these workplace challenges and new ones just over the horizon allow for the effective management of:


  • The new workplace, a hybrid work environment, requiring capacity management, new visitor access polices and enhanced access controls for your employees.
  • Maintaining company culture and providing a safe place to work that are part of new wellness initiatives.
  • Providing big data and people analytics, to document polices and practices are being adhered to which are well documented and audit ready.
  • Using people data to spot trends for decision making.


Facilities professionals must lead with purpose and Sentry Interactive enables them to do just that. Not only are you dealing with normal management of buildings, offices and people, now you must deal with a whole new plane of existence. Here's where we can provide facilities management with practical solutions:


  • Improving Space Utilization
  • Managing Workplace Technology
  • Managing Meeting Rooms
  • Managing Facility Maintenance
  • Planning Moves and Expansions
  • Helping Employees Navigate the Workplace
  • Improving the Employee Experience

Physical Security

Securing the workplace is the standard practice and mission for the Security team for decades. The evolution of today’s business threats come in many forms both physical and digital. As the threat profile increases, the solutions that are available need to adapt to the new challenges presented everyday both externally and internally. Making an investment in the operational efficiency of the organization to remain nimble, allows for the organization to easily adapt to new challenges from both a policy and privacy standpoint.

Incorporating solutions that are multifunction provide the best investment protection for the organization and allow for the most efficient use of resources.


  • Security and Access controls to ensure protection of the company's assets utilizing advanced screening solutions.
  • Visitor Management solutions that are highly secure and automated to ensure only approved visitation.
  • Wellness & Safety solutions that are inline with organizational policies and protocols.